We want your furry friend to be the best-looking pet in South Texas!

Trying to find a good hairstylist who doesn’t botch your hair can require many unfortunate trials before you find someone who can recreate your vision. Luckily for your furry friend, there’s no need to try out various groomers in the San Antonio and Bulverde areas—simply head to Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic. A good haircut can put an extra spring in your step, and it can do the same for your pet. We want your furry friend to be the best-looking pet in all of San Antonio and the surrounding areas!

Why Grooming is Important for Your Pet’s Overall Health

Not only does grooming make your pet look their best, it’s also an important part of their overall health and well-being.

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When your furball comes in for a grooming appointment at the hands of our experienced groomers, they’ll receive more than a simple haircut. Some of the ways routine grooming benefits your pet include:

  • Disperse oils for a healthy coat and skin
  • Remove dead fur to prevent mats
  • Check for lumps, bumps, infections, or wounds
  • Search for fleas or ticks
  • Perform a close-up inspection of the eyes, ears, and teeth

Since our highly trained groomer will likely see your pet several times a year for haircuts, baths, nail trims, or ear cleanings, they’ll build a deep bond with your furry pal and be able to pick up on any abnormalities more quickly and easily.

We also offer a special Thera-clean Microbubble service for those dogs that need an extra deep clean. Thera-Clean® Microbubbles gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast, and even allergens to alleviate common skin issues. Some benefits include:

  • Reduces odor, itching, & shedding
  • Reduces stress & anxiety during bath time
  • Completely hypo-allergenic
  • Improves therapeutic results
  • Great for senior pet’s joints, aches & pains

Grooming Services

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  • K9 <40 lbs:


  • K9 >120 lbs:


  • K9 40-80 lbs:


  • K9 80.1-120 lbs:


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Pet Grooming in San Antonio

For experienced grooming services for cats and dogs in San Antonio and Bulverde, trust in the skills of the team at Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic. Please give us a call to schedule your furry friend’s spa day so we can make them look and feel their best.

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